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济南外国语学校(三箭分校)国际课程中心 | The Walking Class
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The Walking Class


28 Dec The Walking Class

1 On November 16th, the two-day study tour —- “The Walking Class” —- for the tenth grade of JNFLSIC officially launched. This time, the study tour includes four stations: Jinan Quanwa Drinking Water Plant, Donggang Printing House, Shandong Academy of Medicine and Science, and Shandong Science Museum.2

In the morning of the 16th of November , students arrived at the first station of the tour —- Jinan Quanwa Drinking Water Plant. With the guidance of the workers there, the students watched an advertising video on water treatment, visited the water making workshop, and learned about the water treatment and filling process, including quartz sand filtration, active carbon absorption, four stage fine filtration, and ozone sterilization as well as stubs cover machines, inner-and-outer washing bucket, rotary filling, and two manual lamp inspections. Lastly, the enthusiastic workers explained the origin and distribution of the springs in Jinan according to its special landscape. The students showed great interests during the tour, taking notes and interacting with the workers. They all got a more comprehensive impression on the professional knowledge on drinking water and the springs in Jinan.

After that, students went to the second station of this study tour: Donggang Printing House. Printing industry can be said to be in a close relationship with our life and study. With the company of the print house workers, students visited the printing workshop, and watched the process of typesetting, printing, cutting, and binding. They also learned carefully about the techniques of printing and book-binding from the worker’s interpretation. Students were all itching to have a try, saying that they had gained a lot from this tour.

In the afternoon of the 16th of November, the students came to the third station —- Shandong Academy of Medicine and Science. Shandong Academy of Medicine and Science was founded in 1958. It is a comprehensive medical scientific research institution which integrates scientific research, medical treatment, education, science and technology support management and service, and the task of training medical talents. After arriving, the experts of the provincial medical school launched a special lecture from five aspects of hemodialysis, innovative drug research, clinical trials, experimental animals, and stem cells, interacting with the students at all times. Questions like “whether the youngsters will get kidney failure” or “drug development during SARS” that students raised after listening carefully had also been praised by experts. Through this lecture, not only were students’ horizons broadened, but they also learned more about the professional knowledge in medical field, which can light up the major-choosing direction for those who are interested in medical specialties. Soon afterwards, the technical staff led the students to visit the cell storage room, further leading students to understand the scientific environment of medical science.

After a full day of learning, in the morning of the 17th of November, students came to the final station of this study tour —- Shandong Science Museum. They continued to explore the secret of science in the exhibition halls of different departments. Some students discussed the “mirror labyrinth”, gravity induction chamber, and Glowing blue world globe according to the knowledge they just learned; others pulled the ropes with their strength to feel the magnitude of the used force and how much the stainless-steel balls discharge the liquid by pulling the rope in front of a cylindrical container. The most impressive one is the astronomical space museum, which shows the vast universe and the history of human exploration of the universe. Roaming in the museum, the students felt the charm and magic of this science at all times.

After finishing the study tour of the four stations, in the afternoon of the 17th of November, each class had their own social practice of different themes: they went into the nursing home for community activities, observed and studied in the Jinan Water Supply Embassy, went to Heihuquan to popularize the knowledge of spring, and served as volunteers in the Quancheng Square to help the sanitation workers clean up the garbage. This two-day “walking class” study tour ended successfully. Students were benefited a lot, learning as well as studying along the way. Not only did they broaden their horizons and enrich their experiences, but their qualities were also tempered.

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